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Social innovation for Urban Resilience: Jürgen Howaldt at the European Social Economy Summit

In his presentation in the session “Social Innovation for Community Health Resilience under Climate Change” at the European Social Economy Summit (26 - 27 May 2021 | Digital Conference broadcasted from Mannheim) sfs-director Jürgen Howaldt shared his view on the role of social innovation to improve urban resilience to climate changes.


Jürgen Howaldt emphasized the crucial role of social innovation in addressing the great societal challenges. Alongside green and digital technologies, social innovations are the third pillar to make communities more resilient and sustainable. Like technological innovations, he argued, successful social innovations are based on numerous presuppositions and require appropriate infrastructures and resources. This includes a new role of public policy and government for creating suitable framework and support structures, the integration of the economy and civil society as well as supporting measures by science and universities.

The „European Social Economy Summit“ (#EUSES) is a digital conference jointly organized by the European Commission and the city of Mannheim, aiming to strengthen the social economy in Europe and contributing to the overall economic development, social inclusion, and digital transformation.

The presentation “Improving Urban Resilience to Climate Changes by Social Innovation: Actors, Processes and Solutions“ from Jürgen Howaldt is available here (PDF).

Videos from the conference (keynotes, speeches & discussions) can be watched in the #EUSES-Media Library.