Social Innovation and Interactive Value Creation as Strategic Demand for Management

The terms "open innovation" and "interactive value creation" have become guiding metaphors in the international academic debate and also in day-to-day business. On the one hand, they stimulate a paradigmatic development that involves increasing integration of the external knowledge of various different groups of actors (such as joint venture partners, companies, customers, supplier, universities, etc.). On the other hand, the two terms also characterize a set of specific internet-based methods integrating information about needs of customers. En-terprise 2.0 represents corporate and management structures that are specially designed to suit these two perspectives. They are based on a new understanding of innovation into which they feed new management practices. Management innovation and innovation management are clearly two sides of the same coin. Firstly, this article focuses on the general paradigmatic references of social innovation and interactive value creation. Secondly, enterprise 2.0 is shown as a driver of the both paradigms. Enterprise 2.0 represents a focal point for three lines of development: understand-ing/development of technology, understanding/development of management and under-standing/development of the market. When taylorist production model was dominant, the three lines fitted into one another. The replacement of traditional industrial work by knowl-edge work, however, has led to serious tension and barriers between these lines of develop-ment. Yet we can now see new lines of convergence in knowledge work mode. Thirdly the innovation process according to the assumption of new paradigm is shown. Fourthly strategi-cally relevant demand for the management are described. The assumption is that the man-agement has to master hybrid logics of action while also accommodating increasing projectifi-cation in the organization of labour and having to build up interactive competencies.

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