Teaching organisations as learning organisations

Schools and training centres are not necessarily learning organisations. They may not even be good teaching organisations but in any case, they are organisations. And they exist, as do all other organisations, in a rapidly changing world which expects all individuals and organisations to learn and to change. "Camino se hace caminando", as the Spanish say, "the way ist made by walking." In a way, this is what a learning organisation is necessary and good for: for making the way by walking. The problem is to find out where to walk in order to avoid the classical situation which Brecht formulated in a classical way: "When they found out that they had lost their target, they doubled their efforts to reach it." The paper suggests a specific way of integrating organisations and Human Resources development.

Bibliographische Angaben:
Franz, Hans-Werner:
Teaching organisations as learning organisations;
In: International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management, Band: 2/2002, 129-139